Tips for choosing a running costume.

Costume races are nothing new. Folks have been dressing their best for races like Bay to Breakers for years, but the frequency of wearing a costume while racing has certainly skyrocketed in recent years. Being a lover of both racing and costuming I LOVE IT, but with the wrong costume, your race could go wrong. Here are 5 tips to ensure you can win best dressed even if you can’t win the race.

1. Don’t cover your breathing hole.

Sure, masks complete the look, but masks are also incredibly hot, and if they cover your nose and mouth, it will soon become apparent why this is such a bad idea…Masks make breathing very difficult, a very bad idea anytime, but especially while racing.

2. Avoid cumbersome costumes.

If you show up at the starting line in a huge dinosaur costume you will get all sorts of positive attention, and you will love it until it is time to actually run. 3a3dbbddb0dc79fe57fb38bb959403cf

Giant dinosaur costume = Awesome
Running in Giant Dinosaur Costume = Not Awesome

3. Keep it cool. 

Your body heats up while you run. If you are covered head to toe in a full body gorilla suit, the heat has know where to go. If you don’t allow a way for your body to cool, you will end up a hot sweaty mess stewing in your own juices. Ewww.

DON’T DO IT. Sure you look awesome but you will be left a sweaty mess gasping for air.

4. Think Tights or short shorts.

What do superheroes, Christmas elves, and runners all have in common? They all look fantastic in tights! Tights are fantastic for running, so if you are able to choose an outfit that incorporates tights you may not only win best dressed, but you may get a PR also.


5. Try awesome costumes made for running.

Athletic brands like Run Graphics sell tech shirts as well as racing singlets with attitude. I love this brand for everyday training, but it is a must for race day. I love wearing my Run Graphics Pizza singlet to easily answer that question of “what do you think about while running?”

Pepperoni Pizza Tech Shirt by Run Graphics

6. Synthetic Material is Best.

This is true for running apparel in general, but on race day we want to not only look our best, but also perform our best. Cotton outfits have a tendency to retain sweat and become soggy and heavy. Online retailers such as EDM Clothing Company can outfit you with mind blowing  sublimation printed synthetic shirts that make easy, put it on and get out the door costumes that add color to your run while letting your primary focus stay on racing.

Not a full costume, but a fun shirt that is 100% synthetic.

Do you have to follow all these tips to have a good time? No of course not. Wear something awesome, just make sure you make it to the finish line also.


Victory Sportdesign Grizzly Bag Kickstarter

Victor Ballesteros designer of the popular Victory Gear Bag, the ultimate gear bag for ultra runners, is back with a great new addition to his lineup. The Grizzly from Victory Sportdesign is designed with adventure sports and travel in mind. This bag is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Check out the video. c42459cccaed7ed3e35c6dfd2f57252b_original

Check out the Kickstarter campaign below to get yours.


2015 Youth Dipsea Training Runs

Marin Youth Trail Runs

Dipsea Runners May 20, 2012

Since 2012, Youth Dipsea Training Runs has been the most popular youth trail running program in Marin,  training youth runners ages 8-14, both first time Dipsea runners and veteran runners, including many top finishers. We will again be carrying on the legacy in Spring 2015.

What is the Dipsea?DIpsea

The Dipsea is a historic Marin trail race dating back to 1905. The race spans approximately 7 miles of steep terrain and single track trail beginning in downtown Mill Valley and finishing in Stinson Beach. Though there are a limited number of entries, and all runners may not be accepted, all are welcome to participate in the youth training runs. Find out more about the historic Dipsea Race at

When and Where

Youth Training Runs Begin Sunday March 8th at 10am at Ross Common.  Training runs will continue each Sunday, each week at a different Marin Trailhead, until the Dipsea race…

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