Tips for choosing a running costume.

Costume races are nothing new. Folks have been dressing their best for races like Bay to Breakers for years, but the frequency of wearing a costume while racing has certainly skyrocketed in recent years. Being a lover of both racing and costuming I LOVE IT, but with the wrong costume, your race could go wrong. Here are 5 tips to ensure you can win best dressed even if you can’t win the race.

1. Don’t cover your breathing hole.

Sure, masks complete the look, but masks are also incredibly hot, and if they cover your nose and mouth, it will soon become apparent why this is such a bad idea…Masks make breathing very difficult, a very bad idea anytime, but especially while racing.

2. Avoid cumbersome costumes.

If you show up at the starting line in a huge dinosaur costume you will get all sorts of positive attention, and you will love it until it is time to actually run. 3a3dbbddb0dc79fe57fb38bb959403cf

Giant dinosaur costume = Awesome
Running in Giant Dinosaur Costume = Not Awesome

3. Keep it cool. 

Your body heats up while you run. If you are covered head to toe in a full body gorilla suit, the heat has know where to go. If you don’t allow a way for your body to cool, you will end up a hot sweaty mess stewing in your own juices. Ewww.

DON’T DO IT. Sure you look awesome but you will be left a sweaty mess gasping for air.

4. Think Tights or short shorts.

What do superheroes, Christmas elves, and runners all have in common? They all look fantastic in tights! Tights are fantastic for running, so if you are able to choose an outfit that incorporates tights you may not only win best dressed, but you may get a PR also.


5. Try awesome costumes made for running.

Athletic brands like Run Graphics sell tech shirts as well as racing singlets with attitude. I love this brand for everyday training, but it is a must for race day. I love wearing my Run Graphics Pizza singlet to easily answer that question of “what do you think about while running?”

Pepperoni Pizza Tech Shirt by Run Graphics

6. Synthetic Material is Best.

This is true for running apparel in general, but on race day we want to not only look our best, but also perform our best. Cotton outfits have a tendency to retain sweat and become soggy and heavy. Online retailers such as EDM Clothing Company can outfit you with mind blowing  sublimation printed synthetic shirts that make easy, put it on and get out the door costumes that add color to your run while letting your primary focus stay on racing.

Not a full costume, but a fun shirt that is 100% synthetic.

Do you have to follow all these tips to have a good time? No of course not. Wear something awesome, just make sure you make it to the finish line also.


Victory Sportdesign Grizzly Bag Kickstarter

Victor Ballesteros designer of the popular Victory Gear Bag, the ultimate gear bag for ultra runners, is back with a great new addition to his lineup. The Grizzly from Victory Sportdesign is designed with adventure sports and travel in mind. This bag is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Check out the video. c42459cccaed7ed3e35c6dfd2f57252b_original

Check out the Kickstarter campaign below to get yours.


What I Learned about Coaching, Running, and Life in 2014

In 2014, I set out to run an ultra-marathon, become a dad, and climb Mt. Shasta. I am glad to say, it is only October, all of those things have been checked off my list, so here how it went down, and what I learned about coaching, running, and life.

Becoming a Dad

Becoming a dad is by far the hugest adventure I have embarked upon. Coming into 2014, my wife was already quite pregnant, so we were pretty confident this dad thing was going to happen. Sure enough, April 30, my son Bodhi was born. This was with two weeks still remaining of high school track post season championships.

What did I learn about coaching? Coaching is a very large time commitment. Coaching at the high school level is rewarding. Challenging young athletes to perform at their best, and rise to the occasion is inspiring because of the consistency with which they often do both, sometimes surprising me, and almost always surprising themselves, but the Coach that wants committed athletes must be even more committed than the athletes themselves, and this takes time. This takes a lot of time. So to the high schooler out there that thinks that their coaches are coaching for the money should recognize that if this is true, given the number of hours their coaches put in, their coach is very very bad at math.


What did I learn about life? Being a dad is a huge commitment, and like I would coach my athletes, half commitment will never yield the results you are looking for. If I am going to be a dad, I am going all in.

The season finished out great with nearly half the team advancing to the post season, multiple great finishes at the meet of champions, and three very talented seniors, Jessie Colin, Devron Martin, and James Kinney, graduating and moving on to compete at the college level.

Though I did complete the season, after the season was over I opted to retire my position as Head Coach of Marin Academy Track and Field to my capable Assistant Coach Taylor Tan as to spend more time with the newest member of my family.

Running an Ultra-Marathon

In August I competed in the Tamalpa Headlands 50k here in Marin County, California. I should preface by mentioning that this is my first ultra marathon. In fact, I ran the Tamalpa Headlands 50k in 2013, but this year was different.

What did I learn about running? Salt is very important. Headlands 50k is a grueling course, I believe with over 6500ft of elevation change over its 31.2 miles of mostly single track trail. This is not your average community 5k. In 2013, I began with much gusto and was on pace to break 4:30 at mile 17. By mile 19, I was limping down the trail, afraid that running might cause my hamstrings or calves to seize due to lack of salt. The next 3 miles to the aid station were miserable. After getting some salt at the aid station I was able to finish the race in roughly 28th place in a time of 5 hours 28 minutes.

In 2014 a new story. I carried salt with me taking at least one salt tab about every 7 miles. This time I felt great. I finished 2014 in 11th place in a time of 4 hours 32 minute, nearly an hour faster than the previous year.

Climbing Mount Shasta

I first intended to climb Mount Shasta in early spring, and climb via the Avalanche Gulch route, but the week I had set aside to climb, California miraculously ended its drought, just long enough to make my spring ascent impossible with dangerous snow and wind conditions on the mountain. A few month later while on a group run with another group of fantastic ultra runners, I met some runners that were talking about running mount shasta. Thats right, running as fast as they could up a 14,000 ft mountain. Sounds crazy right? It is, so naturally, I wanted in on it. By the time plans were set it was down to just Jack Finn and myself. This video will show what followed.

What did I learn about running? I love it. This climb was to challenge myself and enjoy the outdoors. This was not a race, there was no t-shirt and goodie bag at the end. This was just for the pure pleasure of running. To be outdoors … Awesome!

What did I learn about life? Going all in as a dad does not mean the fun stops. I ran mount shasta when Bodhi was just a few month old. Bodhi and Mom did just fine without me for a couple of days, and more than being tiring and stressfull, it was relaxing to get back into the mountains for a few days.

What else did I learn? When mountain running, choose a shoe with a solid single piece outsole. I wore Montrail Fluid Flex, which are great shoes for regular trails, but the soft foam, multi peice outsole was completely shredded after this run. I had to retire them after this run with only 50 miles on them. R.I.P.

What am I working on now?

Now as I have adjusted my schedule to stay at home with my infant son while my wife continues to work, I have seized the opportunity to work from home, and I have embark on another great adventure. I have begun work on a website and mobile app that I have been conceptualizing for quite some time. Kindhat is an online community for sharing real goods and services within local communities. With Kindhat I hope to create a model for an economic system that better aligns our money with our values. Change the economic system we have been living with for decades, that is a monumental task. True, it is a monumental task, but then again so is becoming a dad, and running up Mount Shasta.


Find out more about the kindhat app for sharing at

I am a lover of new adventures, what adventure should I pursue next. Let me know in the comments.