Barefoot Running Shoes

Welcome to the 21st century shoe world.

No longer are the days when a barefoot runner need to fashion there own running shoes out of socks covered in rubber to keep that efficient barefoot stride. Lately Barefoot running shoes have been popping up so fast it is hard to keep track. This is made even more difficult with shoe companies advertising lightweight conventional shoes as as minimalist or barefoot running shoes. They have apparently not read What to Look for in a Minimalist Shoe.

What Shoe is for You?

Vibram FiveFingers
Vibram FiveFingers
 Terra Plana Evo Terra Plana Evo  Altra Adam
Altra Adam
 New Balance Minimus
New Balance Minimus Trail
 Merrel Trail Glove
Merrell Trail Glove
Zem split toe lo

The downside to this explosion in of barefoot running shoe options is there is no way I can personally review them all.If you have experience with any of these shoes please submit a review and have it featured on

Happy Trails



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